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People often crave those foods which they cannot digest. The more they succumb to the cravings and indulge in the comfort foods, the more they create an imbalance in their health. If weight loss is desired, healthy portions and controlled calorie intake will be necessary. The following products can also be taken for digestive support, assistance with food cravings, proper elimination, and management of blood sugar fluctuations.

Genetics, stressful lifestyles, poor diet, processed foods, prescription drugs, and the environment all influence digestion on a daily basis. Mal-digestion can lead to many health concerns. When the foods are not broken down properly they become toxins in the body. Carbohydrates ferment, proteins putrefy, and fats turn rancid, all leading to the digestive discomforts and various imbalances you see in people.

The intent of this protocol is to provide nutritional support to help bring your body into balance. The goal of enzyme therapy is to promote optimal cellular function and repair; optimal circulation and immune function; and a healthy gut environment.

  • A digestive formula with meals will help minimize digestive discomfort and improve nutrient absorption.
  • Additional herbs and nutrients have been shown to support a healthy weight loss program.
  • Proteolytic enzymes between meals will help improve circulation and nutrient delivery as well as provide immune modulation and reduce inflammation.
  • Probiotics help ensure a healthy G.I. environment and assist in the timely removal of waste.

Additional Support

TPP Lypo/ Balance Zyme – Take with, after, or between meals

A probiotic supplement further supports digestion and the immune system while maintaining a healthy gut environment.

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