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Hire Dr. Nuriddin to Speak at Your Next Meeting/Event!

Are you looking for an engaging, energizing, entertaining and educational naturopathic doctor and doctor of nutrition to speak at your next meeting, event or seminar? Do you want someone who can deliver more than just a bland theoretical presentation or someone who can compel your audience to rethink their health and well-being? If so, then Dr. Nuriddin is the speaker you’ve been looking for! Your audience will go home with proven, battle-tested, actionable, real-world health techniques they can put to use immediately!

Dr. Nuriddin has over 30 years of naturopathic health knowledge, professional speaking, and presentation experience. Dr. Nuriddin is a highly sought keynote speaker who has addressed international audiences of thousands.

Some of Dr. Nuriddin’s Most Popular Topics Include:

  • Understanding The Eight Stages of Disease
  • Building Better Health-vs-Fighting Disease
  • What Is Body Chemistry And Nutrition
  • What Scripture And Science Have Said About Health And Disease
  • What Does The Mind, Body, And Spirit Have To Do With Health
  • What Are Some Of The Secrets Of The Healthy & Wealthy

Dr. Nuriddin will tailor each talk and presentation to the needs of your particular group or audience.

When you book Dr. Nuriddin for your event, you can count on:

  1. Pre-event consultation to assess your needs, wants, and customize the presentation to your audience.
  2. Promotion of your event on his blog, to his email list and via his social and media channels.
  3. Travel to and arrival at your event the day BEFORE he is scheduled to speak, to avoid any cancellations due to travel delays. (And when possible, to make himself available for networking with and meeting attendees.)
  4. Professional delivery of engaging, entertaining and educational presentation, customized for your audience.
  5. Post event follow-up and feedback.

Colleges and Universities

We offer tailored speaking events for schools of higher learning at a special fee schedule. Please call for current rates.

Speaking Fees:

For speaking engagements in the US:

  • Keynote speech: $1275
  • 3 -Hour Seminar: $99 per participant (Minimum – 25 Participants)
  • 1 Day & A Half Seminar: $295 Per Participant, $550 Per Couple (Minimum – 25 Participants)

Dr Nuriddin’s net fee must never be less than 75% of the total gross.

All standard expenses must be covered in addition to the net fee.

Lower speaking fees may be negotiated in return for additional expenses and perks.

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