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The Law of Growth

The Law of Growth Dictates How Our Lives Unfold The Law of Growth has been addressed by human civilizations for thousands of years. In short, the Law of Growth describes the philosophies behind how people grow and integrate across time—how people develop into their final

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Disease: An Over Acidic System

Although disease can manifest in thousands of forms, almost all types of disease can be traced back to imbalances in the body. And a critical point of balance is blood pH, or acidity vs. alkalinity. If the body’s tissues are exposed to high levels of

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Winter – The Time to Cleanse Your Kidneys

Naturopathic doctors have long believed in the importance of organ cleansing. It’s a process that dates back thousands of years, and it remains a favored tactic among naturopaths. Organ cleansing removes built-up toxins in the tissues, improves overall health, and reduces the wear and tear

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Enzymes: There Can Be No Life Without Them

Enzymes are foundational to all life on Earth. Without them, thousands of metabolic processes wouldn’t be possible – metabolic processes that ensure our bodies have the energy and materials they need to function optimally. They’re also needed all over the body, so it’s critical that

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Why It’s Important to Reverse Your Fatty Liver

Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) is widespread through modern society, especially in the west where around 30 percent of adults are suffering from the disorder. Many of those people, though, will show no signs of liver issues until their NAFLD progresses into something worse. Fortunately,

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