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Who Is Dr. Abdel Jaleel Nuriddin, ND?

Dr. Abdel Nuriddin is a leading national Natropathic doctor with an office in Greensboro, NC; while yet serving patients and customers throughout the United States and beyond with Health Protocols, Supplementation and Educational Resources.

Since the early seventies, Dr. Abdel Nuriddin has had an insatiable desire to see people awake to their ultimate human potential and experience excellent health. He shares his time with people throughout the globe, teaching and coaching them on holistic health. Dr. Nuriddin believes that America is a great place to live and would love to see more Americans healthy, happy, prosperous, and rich. To this end, he offers an affiliate program to help satisfied and loyal patients distribute the very same products that have transformed their health.

Dr. Nuriddin promotes a strong and effective line of health products manufactured by Rain International™, Success By Health™ and The Vesta H2 Water Purification System™. These products help people achieve positive results with many health disorders. Dr. Nuriddin integrates various testing procedures, health evaluations, protocols, and supplements to address heart, arthritis/inflammation, diabetes, high blood pressure, mental function, weight management, nervous system, detox and cleanse purification regimens that aid the body for better nutrition, health maintenance, and total well-being.

Nuriddin’s product line is safe, effective and helps build better health. Our nutritional products encourage health in the body by aiding in metabolism such as digestion, circulation, and elimination.

Dr. Nuriddin a Naturopathic Physician integrates holistic health assistance through various testing modalities to evaluate most common health disorders of the present day. These include, Meridian Scans, Electrometry Measurement Device (PARC EMD), LiveDry Blood analysis and Iridology. Most protocols include detox and cleanse regimens that aid the body in better absorption of good nutrients which leads to better cellular health.

Treatment Protocols

A protocol in this case is a method of addressing health disorders in our patient’s lifestyle. It comprises drinking healthy clean water, a change in diet, the need for rest, exercise, and the insertion of nutritional supplementation in daily consumption. Also, in some cases, collaboration between the client’s primary health care allopathic doctor and his or her naturopath doctor is required. We can assist you with your health and lifestyle!

Dr. Nuriddin is the author of Help Yourself to Ultimate Health and author of Five Principles of Balanced Health. Read Dr. Nuriddin’s books, listen and watch his CDs, DVDs, Webinars, and Podcasts for interesting health, life, spiritual and business building insights. Read more about the Treatment Protocols here.

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Why Choose Genesis Health & Nutrition Center

Dr. Nuriddin’s Genesis Health and Nutrition Center (GH&NC) is a place where people travel to from all over the country to get hands-on assistance from Dr. Nuriddin directly. This is due, in part, to the center’s usage of the latest advanced technology for evaluating and treating possible heart complications with The Parcman™ Electrocardiogram (ECG) machine and general health issues with the Parcman™ EMD Whole Body Scan. Dr. Nuriddin uses this equipment to thoroughly evaluate clients prior to prescribing protocols and supplements. While there are other methods of evaluating and advising clients who are not able to travel to the center, having an examination that includes testing with the Parcman™ equipment is most effective.

Another growing issue is sports related heart attacks, which have been on the rise in the last few years. GH&NC is one of the only national naturopathic centers to facilitate a program that targets personal trainers, gyms, health coaches, and athletic departments with our ECG program and supplementation.

Dr. Nuriddin states that the core mission of GH&NC is to address your health in six major areas to achieve optimal health and dynamically change your life for the better.


Mental Health

Our mental health affects how we think, feel and act. We help individuals reach a place where they can realize their own potential. We do this by building strong people.

Emotional Health

The truth is happy people are more likely to set and reach their goals. Emotional health leads to success in work, relationships, and physical health. Learning to manage our emotions is learning to manage our lives.

Physical Health

So much of our lives is experienced through our physical bodies. Proper movement and nutrients are essential to attaining the highest quality of life.

Social Health

Your ability to form and maintain satisfying interpersonal relationships is critical to your quality of life. Learn how to maximize each relationship. Bring more joy into your life by creating harmony in every relationship.

Financial Health

Your relationship with money impacts every aspect of your life. Poor financial health will weaken all aspects of your life. It is necessary to learn why and how to manage this fundamental part of life.

Spiritual Health

Your spirituality is just that - yours. No one can tell you how it should look or feel. We are here to help you build yourself spiritually in whatever way is most meaningful to you.

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