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Prodigest contains the enzymes your body needs for proper digestion.

Our bodies rely on a huge variety of enzymes to properly process macronutrients and ensure they are efficiently absorbed by the intestines. It’s a more complex job than it seems, as some macronutrients must be broken down across several stages, and each stage needs its own enzyme.

Digestive enzyme deficiencies can make it difficult for the gut to do this well. And inefficient digestion is what often leads to gas, bloating and pain – the kind of symptoms no one wants to live with. Prodigest is formulated to replenish your body’s supply of these critical digestive enzymes, bringing your gut back into balance.


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What’s inside every dose of Prodigest?

Prodigest is meant to be taken before every meal so that the enzymes are available when they are needed most – right after you eat. And there’s a lot of enzymes in Prodigest, including:

Protease blend

Every dose of Prodigest includes a combination of protease and peptidase enzymes to help your body efficiently process proteins. Protease breaks down proteins into smaller polypeptides or amino acids while peptidase breaks down the peptide bonds inside polypeptides. Together, these two enzymes can process a wide variety of proteins, including stubborn plant proteins that are often the cause of gastrointestinal (GI) distress.


Lipase is produced by the body in the pancreas and its job is to break down fats so they can be absorbed by the gut. Lipase supplementation may be beneficial for people suffering from irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), as research shows that it can reduce the bloating and pain associated with IBS episodes.


Amylase is prolific throughout the GI system and is responsible for processing starches into simple sugars for easier absorption. It’s one of the few enzymes that’s also prevalent in the oral cavity, and that’s why starchy food sometimes tastes sweet when you’re chewing it. That’s the amylase doing its job.


Amylase and glucoamylase serve similar roles, in that they are needed to process polysaccharides into simple sugars. They target different parts of the polysaccharide, though. Amylase typically targets the middle of polysaccharide chains while glucoamylase cleaves off the end of those chains.


Phytase has a specialized job in the gut. It is needed to process phytic acid, and phytic acid can be used to better absorb other essential nutrients, including iron and zinc.

Phytase is more prevalent in plants than animals, but it’s still a critical enzyme for digestion. That’s because it can be used to help the body better process grains, seeds and legumes.


Some lipids are bonded to one or more carbohydrate molecules to support cell communication and structure. These carbohydrates must be cleaved off of the lipid before they can be digested, though, and that’s what alpha-galactosidase is tasked with doing.


Macerase is a plant-based enzyme that is not produced by our GI tracts. It is capable of breaking down pectin, a major polysaccharide found inside plant cells. Macerase is extracted from plants and fungi, and can be supplemented to improve digestion of fruits, vegetables and grains.


Prodigest also includes beat-glucanase, an enzyme found in abundance in both plant and bacteria species. It is needed to break complex polysaccharides into glucans (long chains of glucose molecules) and glucans into simple monosaccharides for better absorption.


Each dose of Prodigest also includes lactase, which is used by many people to help with lactose intolerance. That’s because lactase is responsible for processing lactose, a milk sugar, into glucose for easier absorption.


Pectin is a primary polysaccharide found in plant cell walls, but is extremely difficult for our bodies to fully process. Pectinase is the enzyme that can process pectin, but our bodies do not synthesize it. Supplementation and diet is the only way to get it, and it can be used to break down plant material more efficiently.


Like pectin, cellulose is a primary constituent in plant cells, giving those cells its structure. And like pectinase, cellulase is not produced by the body. Prodigest can deliver large amounts of this enzyme, to better break down plant matter and reduce its capacity to produce gas and discomfort.


Hemicellulase targets certain forms of cellulose and can break them down into monosaccharides that our body can absorb and use as fuel. This is particularly useful for processing fiber-rich foods like cereal and ensuring the nutrients inside can be adequately absorbed. Hemicellulase can also improve the effects of prebiotics on probiotic species.


Diastase is a subset of amylase enzymes, capable of breaking down polysaccharides into maltose. Maltose sugars consist of a pair of glucose molecules, and these can be further processed by other enzymes and consumed for energy.


Invertase is also useful in processing some forms of sugar. Specifically, invertase targets table sugar (sucrose) and breaks it down into both fructose and glucose, both of which the body uses for energy.

What isn’t inside every dose of Prodigest?

To maximize the beneficial effects of Prodigest, we do not include any known allergens or irritants. Specifically, you won’t find any peanuts, dairy products, lactose, wheat, soy or sugar in Prodigest. Prodigest is also compatible with a vegetarian diet.

Boost your gut’s function with Prodigest enzymes

Gut health is critical to overall health. Your GI system brings in nutrients, processes waste, supports immune system function and remains in constant communication with the neurological system. It’s also a complex system that spans your entire body, so it needs the right tools to do its job. Digestive enzymes are one of those important tools and Prodigest delivers them directly to your gut – where they are needed most.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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