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The Genesis Health and Nutrition Center is a leading naturopathic practice, and patients from all over the world visit us to understand and treat their health conditions. In addition to nutritional supplements and medical literature, we provide leading edge diagnostic services and customized treatment plans to promote better whole body health.


Dr. Abdel Nuriddin has practiced naturopathic medicine for decades and can provide specialized treatment plans for several health conditions, including:

  • Heart disease
  • Diabetes
  • Arthritis and other inflammatory issues
  • High blood pressure
  • Obesity
  • Nervous system dysfunction

In many cases, collaboration between the patient’s primary care doctor and Genesis is necessary, and we are happy to do so. The goal is to support physical, mental, emotional, social, spiritual, and financial health, and our services are designed to deliver on that goal.

Our leading diagnostic device, the PARC EMD, scans the entire body for signs of disease. This includes early signs of disease that most other scans wouldn’t identify.

The PARC EMD leverages the body’s electroconductivity to provide valuable medical information to the patient. The primary idea behind the PARC EMD was developed in the 50s by Dr. Yoshio Nakatani, whose research focused on the efficacy of acupuncture in various conditions. Dr. Nakatani discovered that there are points on the body where electroconductivity is elevated. It just so happened that these points corresponded closely with traditional acupuncture points, and that they could be electrically stimulated. Today, electrical stimulation during acupuncture is a common treatment option, but it was Dr. Nakatani who did it first.

Eventually, Dr. Nakatani would develop diagnostic and treatment criteria based on his experiences with patients. He found that changing levels of electroconductivity at select points were early signs of organ system problems.

The PARC EMD utilizes this approach to diagnosis and treatment. It does so by comparing the patient’s individual data to PARC EMD data gathered from thousands of other patients.

Four Reasons Why PARC EMD is an Emerging Diagnostic Device

The PARC EMD is a medical marvel that’s also very patient-friendly. Here’s four reasons why that’s the case:

  1. PARC EMD is completely safe – PARC EMD is painless, non-invasive and does not use any toxic substances during use. As such, it is safe for every patient, including the elderly and pregnant women.  

  2. PARC EMD is accurate and responsive – PARC EMD’s conclusions are built on a knowledgebase that includes thousands of patients’ data. PARC EMD is backed by 50 years of research and results are 95 percent accurate.

  3. PARC EMD is quick and economical – Other than the PARC EMD device and a few patient leads, no specialized equipment is required, minimizing cost to the patient. Also, the patient may remain sitting during the process, which only takes several minutes to complete.

  4. PARC EMD is comprehensive – PARC EMD analyzes every major organ system in the body, so patients receive a complete picture of their health. The PARC EMD knowledgebase is constantly being updated, too, so patients always receive the most up-to-date analysis.

The PARC ECG also operates on the concept of electroconductivity but is focused on examining the heart’s function. Like a standard ECG, the PARC ECG uses the timing and strength of electrical impulses to analyze heart function. That’s where the similarities end.

A standard ECG presents this data as is, and a doctor uses it to make conclusions about the patient’s heart. The PARC ECG, though, uses this data to measure changes in surface potential across the heart’s myocardium (the heart’s muscular layer). Put simply, the PARC ECG detects tiny changes in electroconductivity across the heart’s surface during every electrical impulse. As electroconductivity correlates with metabolism, the PARC ECG can detect which parts of the myocardium are undernourished and poorly regulated. This is typically an early sign of disease.

The PARC ECG maps this data onto a 3D representation of the patient’s heart, color coding it for easy understanding. At a glance, the PARC ECG can reveal who is at risk of heart failure. And, like the PARC EMD, it’s patient friendly. It can be performed on a sitting patient using only four limb leads (one for each arm and leg), and it can be completed within minutes.

Genesis Will Also Develop a Treatment Approach That Fits Your Health Needs

Using information taken from the PARC EMD and ECG, Genesis Health and Nutrition will create a treatment regimen that aims to restore balance to affected organ systems. This regimen typically includes behavior modification and nutrition supplementation, along with ongoing patient support. As your health condition changes, we can modify our treatment protocols to optimize results.

Nutrition, Wellness and Early Disease Detection - Genesis is Focused on Whole-Body Health

It’s far easier to prevent disease than it is to treat it, which is why Genesis Health and Nutrition is focused on prevention and early disease intervention. Our nutritional supplements, diagnostic technologies and entire treatment philosophy is built on these ideas. If you’re tired of feeling sick and tired and modern medicine can’t provide a solution, contact us so we can provide unique insight into what may be affecting your health.

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