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The cardiovascular system – the heart, the vessels, and the blood – is our body’s internal transportation system. The blood is contained in the vessels and pumped by the heart. The blood carries nutrients, oxygen, hormones, and immune mediators to the cells. It also carries metabolic waste from the cells.

These functions are why the cardiovascular system plays an important role in maintaining a healthy cellular environment. It protects from disease, promotes healing, and supports constant communication between the eleven systems of the body.

When we consider what the cardiovascular system does and the fact that it literally touches every other system in the body, why would we not protect it and focus on supporting its health?

This protocol along with a healthy diet and exercise is the perfect place to start.

  • A digestive enzyme formula with meals will help ensure proper assimilation of all nutrients to supply the heart with energy, minimize free radical damage, and reduce the risk of plaque or toxins in the blood.
  • Essential fatty acids from fish oil concentrate are a good source of DHA and EPA omega-3’s known for their effectiveness in the management of cardiovascular disease.
  • A protease formula between meals to help promote optimal blood flow and efficient detoxification as well as help manage inflammation, supporting the overall health of our heart, vessels, and blood.
  • A probiotic supplement further supports digestion and the immune system while maintaining a healthy gut environment.

ProDigest                     Take with every meal or snack.

Needed Fatty Acids   Take 2 x per day.

ProteaseZyme            Take 2 x per day between meals.

FloraZyme                   Take at bedtime.

Additional Support

SuperbZyme    Take daily.

Use Genesis’s phenomenal enzyme nutrition

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