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Eczema is a common inflammatory skin condition characterized by red raised lesions, oozing, and crusting in the acute phase, or scaly red thickened  patches brought on by rubbing and scratching in the chronic phase. It is commonly found in children but also occurs in adults and is often linked to food allergies such as gluten and dairy. Children with eczema tend to later develop other allergic conditions, most often hay fever or asthma. This condition can also be attributable to an intestinal dysbiosis-a disruption of the normal bacterial flora of the gut. If an imbalance occurs and candida over-populates acidophilus to the extent that it penetrates the walls of the large intestines, it can enable undigested lipids and proteins to leak out of the walls. This can instigate food allergies and promote eczema. Consequently, enzyme supplementation along with a probiotic can help restore the balance of microflora and ensure complete digestion and absorption of foods.

  • A digestive enzyme formula specific to gluten and dairy proteins with meals will ensure proper digestion and nutrient acquisition to supply the body with the nutrients needed for healthy skin.
  • A blend of herbs and enzymes designed to eliminate the growth and prevent the recurrence of invading organisms in those suffering from this dysboisis or candidiasis.
  • A protease formula between meals will help promote optimal blood flow and efficient detoxification as well as help manage inflammation, supporting the health of the skin.

A probiotic supplement further supports digestion and the immune system while maintaining a healthy gut environment.

TPP Carbo-G      Take with every meal or snack.

TPP Intestinal    Take with meals until symptoms resolve.

TPP Protease       Take between meals.

TPP Probiotic       Take at bedtime.

Additional Support

TPP EFA 1200mg   Take daily with food.

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