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Surgery can be defined as physical disruption of the tissue. This protocol has been used for plastic or reconstructive surgery, orthopedic surgeries, and as a post-op protocol for emergency or otherwise unplanned surgeries.

The objective of Pre-op Client Preparation is to remove or attenuate the negative effects of oxidized proteins and immune complexes in the body and also to ensure cellular vitality through nutrient acquisition. A digestive enzyme formula with specific meals will ensure proper digestion and nutrient acquisition to supply the body with the nutrients needed for healthy cells.

  • A protease formula between meals will help promote optimal blood flow and efficient detoxification as well as help manage inflammation and oxidation.
  • A probiotic supplement further supports digestion and the immune system while maintaining a healthy gut environment and timely removal of waste.

Client Preparation – For teens and adults, start at least 2 weeks before surgery and stop 2-3 days before surgery.

TPP Digest              Take with every meal or snack.

TPP Protease         Take 2 x day between meals.

TPP Probiotic        Take at bedtime.

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