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The world of particles or matter has the spirit or energy of the absolute and eternal lord running through it and this is what gives it its life. Whether it is the mineral life which is inanimate or the plant life with its restricted volitional movement or the animal and human life with their emotion and intelligence, it all comes from the same substance that has a common origin. While this common substance that all matter comes from has the constituents of water or H-H-O or two parts hydrogen and one part oxygen, the elements are not always in that order in the chain of elements. This means that while hydrogen and oxygen can be in the same matter, the matter does not have to be in liquid form. For instance all paper has the constituents of water in it which causes it to be flexible but it’s not liquid. However, if the water were not there, the paper would not bend or the less water the less flexible.

The Qu’ran states all life must have water to exist. This infers to us something about our physical body and waters importance to its livingness and the quality of its life. If we think about this substance or these particles that originate with the universal mind or Allah, then they must be pure in their natural state. And Allah is The Pure. With this being true then maybe this is why all babies or infants come here so flexible and clean that we fear squeezing them or that bringing our germs will threaten their new life. At its creation the water is pure and life giving.

The more water we have in our body the more alive will be our bodies. The less water the more lifeless will be our bodies. When all the moisture leaves the body rigormortis sets in. It’s the stiffening process that comes when the water is gone from the body. When there are inadequate amounts of water in the body then dehydration leads to the pattern of lifelessness. Needless to say the elements of H-H-O or water cannot be under used in mortal life and the life is healthy.

In light of mans evolution on this planet today we could probably agree that there are grades of water from pure to toxic, this tells us that all water is not equal in quality; which means the good quality of the life in the body is affected by the quality of the water.
So here we have two things that affect the life in the body as it relates to water (1) water consumption and (2) the quality of the water.

The ratio of water to other elements in the body is ¾ to1/4 respectfully. This means that water is the biggest element in the body. It stands to reason that you need more water each day than all the other elements put together. Nothing next to air (the mixture of oxygen and nitrogen) is more important than pure water in keeping or building better health or giving more livingness to the body each day. The proper ratio of consumption daily for the human body varies depending on who you are talking to. Some say eight 8oz glasses per day; some say drinking when you are thirsty is adequate. I subscribe in view of mans present evolution that it is best to drink ½ your weight in oz daily to prevent sickness stemming from dehydration. If you are sick you probably need more than ½ your weight. If you taste thirst in your mouth, the internal organs are already dehydrated. Today as an American public we are not an average weight of 150 pounds or what the average original man could have weighed. So I don’t think 75 ounces will be adequate in many cases. Perhaps 96oz or 3 qts. daily would be better overall.

There is intercellular water and exterior cellular water. I mean water in the cell and water outside the cell. The water in each body must be clean to insure good health of the cells. Dr. David Carpenter stated a good analogy is the fish in the fish bowel. The fish are suspended in water the water has a certain purity of which pH is a part. As long as we maintain a certain pH in the fluids the fish stay healthy. However, if you fail to keep the pH balanced or a pure state the fish will begin to become lifeless. Our cells are suspended in fluids. The (proper pH) for the blood, which the Bible states as “the life of the flesh”, is 7.365 to 7.4. The brain which is a part of the body will negatively affect metabolism to keep the blood in the correct range for mortal life. If the blood pH fell to 7.0, then the mind and body could go into a coma and commence self dissemination respectfully based upon natural law. The brain knows this is true so it moves first to protect its own existence.

Why would the body damage itself by causing disease? The answer is, to stop a more immediate death. When the blood stream becomes too acidic, then the brain starts making decisions that are in the best interest of the longevity of the whole body and not just a part. The acids must be controlled. Potassium, calcium, magnesium etc., are agents that buffer or control these acids. However, too many acids will drive these buffering agents out of the blood stream. Then the brain will begin to pull calcium out of the bones and teeth to buffer the acids which lead to osteoporosis or bone disease. This shows us how important it is to keep the proper pH particularly in the blood stream. Fluid pH should be a major key in your decision of water consumption and quality.

We hear so much today about alkalinity and acidity and rightly so for their importance to the form that life will hold is enormous. If the acid load in the body is too heavy then it will cause disintegration of tissue and create and environment that parasites and micro biotic life will relish and use as a smorgasbord to perpetuate their existence. The good news is that those lower forms of life don’t like an alkaline blood stream in the host.

Because the quality of the water is next in importance to its consumption, water with an 8.0 to 9.5 pH or alkalinity is what I suggest you drink daily to fulfill part of your health building requirements. The next thing I want to share with you is connected to the access you already have to water. The Potassium, calcium, magnesium etc.or bicarbonates, are already in your tap water. So if you could get those buffering agents in your drinking and cooking water everyday without getting the contaminants that would be a real blessing living in today’s world. Would you agree? The chlorine, fluoride, rust, lime and other chemicals in the tap water not to mention the parasites are in some cases known carcinogens or potential cancer causing. Being able to isolate the pure from the impure in your water is a blessing today.

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