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Taking care of the nerves has to be one of the most important things humans can do to have better health. The nerves are the beginning of your life and the end of your life. They are the first things that feed in the growing organism, and the last things that feed in the dying organism. No one can be in their best health without periodically getting away from the regular routine to let the nerves rest.

We should have hobbies or pastimes that let us forget about the normal daily activities of our work that will give our nerves a chance to rest. The grinding pressure of routine puts untold stress on the nervous system. Working our job or our business without periods of vacation to different environments to allow the nervous system a chance to rejuvenate is harmful to your health.

Regular domestic activities such as taking care of the children, husband, wife and the family, produces stress on the nerves. Some people drive themselves without a break until they actually have a nervous breakdown. One has to find something they enjoy doing that takes them away from the regular demands of everyday life that require the same behavior. This gives our central nervous system a chance to rebuild itself. It may be better for some to do it alone and for others with someone else. Your emotional behavior is a good indicator or gage for change. Making mistakes at a routine that you know you shouldn’t is a sign of fatigue. Letting little things that don’t normally bother you irritate you is a sign of fatigue.

Not being able to sleep at night because the mind won’t shut down is a sign of nervous tension and fatigue. These things and many others are telling you it is time for a break.

If you live in the city, a walk in the country may be what you need or vice versa. If you work with people everyday addressing problems, getting away from those problems and perhaps those people is necessary at times for the sake of your health. Getting away alone with only the family to an environment that will give you a chance to let your guard down can be helpful. If the home life is stressful, you may need to get away from the spouse and the children somewhere alone to rejuvenate. It will be different from one person to the next it depends on our personal needs. However, the most important thing, is you find something outside the normal routine that you like doing that will give your nerves regular periods of rest and do it often. Try not to wait until you are at your nerves end before you recognize your need for a change from the regular routine.

Keeping the blood clean in the body is next. Making sure that our foods are as natural, pure and whole as they can be. As a healthy minded person you must scrutinize everything that you ingest into your body. Sometimes we don’t want to make our friends and relatives feel bad while visiting, because we don’t normally eat what they have on their table when we are invited to dinner. So because it is not something that is forbidden, we eat. However, you may need to fast the next day to clean up the blood from the pervious days meal.
Eating food in their natural state is in eating them as they were grown. Natural foods or raw foods digest and are assimilated better by the body, and help build and keep the blood clean.

Eating pure food is to try to stay away from herbicides, pesticides, colorings, fillers and dyes in our food. A farm grown chicken is a better (purer) source of food than a chicken grown in a commercial coupe that has never scratched the ground or seen the light of the sun. Deep ocean fish will be a better source of food than fish caught in our lakes and streams today, because of industrial waste flowing into these water sources. The purer the food the better it will be for keeping the blood clean.

It is better to eat wheat bread than white bread. White bread is a fraction of a whole food. Most of the nutrients have been milled out of the wheat to produce the white bread. Raw sugar cane is a whole food. White sugar is a fraction of a food. Eating whole foods help to keep the blood clean and strong. Raw salt is a whole food, white salt is a fraction of a food. Try to eat your whole foods.

Number three is circulation. It is extremely important for blood, oxygen and other nutrients to reach the cells in order for one to have good health. Exercise helps in the process of effective circulation. A 15 minute hot bath, followed by a 5 minute cold bath is very invigorating and promotes circulation in the body. Walking in the dew covered grass bare footed is excellent for circulation. Walking at the sea shore, first in the water then on the warm sand bare footed is good for circulation. The legs of the body are the pumps of the body. They facilitate the process of circulation more so than anything else. Do regular leg exercises such as brisk walking or jogging or stair climbing to strengthen their ability to push blood to the brain. It’s impossible for one to have very good health without proper circulation.

The fourth thing is rest. Allowing yourself to rest is indispensable to better health. Too many people will not give themselves permission to rest. They become slaves to their professions.

They work three and four jobs to try to get ahead never thinking about their health. The stress of consistent activity without rest will undermine your immune system and ultimately produce sickness.
The vital organs of the body need rest to preserve their effective function. If you never rest them through fasting they will become fatigued and shut down. Rest is primary to better health.

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