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Inflammation is the body’s response when our cells are damaged. This can be caused by infections, injury, autoimmune disorders, or oxidative stress. The immediate response and repair is necessary and beneficial. It is when the response is chronic and uncontrolled that it becomes a problem. Enzyme therapy will help manage chronic inflammation and help control the onset of degenerate diseases.

  • A digestive enzyme formula with meals will ensure proper assimilation to supply the cells with all the nutrients needed for function and repair as well as help minimize free radical damage that may trigger allergies or further inflammation.
  • A Protease formula between meals will promote optimal blood flow, support efficient detoxification, and help manage inflammation.
  • A support formula of highly active proteolytic enzymes and antioxidants designed to help regulate inflammation anywhere in the body.
  • A probiotic supplement further supports digestion and the immune system while maintaining a healthy gut environment.

ProDigest            Take with every meal or snack.
ProteaseZyme   Take 2 x per day between meals.
FloraZyme          Take at bedtime.

Additional Support

Joint Health      Take daily on an empty stomach.

Use Genesis’s phenomenal enzyme nutrition

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