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Dr Nuriddin Expands Genesis Health into Wholesale

Genesis Health & Nutrition Center has been in existence and serving the general public since 1988. The possibility of generating wealth and helping others do the same had been a life-long seed (dream) placed in my mind by the teachings of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. “Do for self,” meant in my mind, don’t be poor, become well off. Holy Qur’an 61: 10-14.When I decided to join the Nation of Islam in 1972 I was broke, lost and had not completed the 9th grade. I had no idea what that decision would really mean to me, nor where it would take me. Now after almost fifty years of service in Islamic life it has been a life of blessings as salvation. First to get guidance to a great career, money and a great wife and family. Next, a good home filled with peace and also friendships in every sector of society. I don’t know entirely why I was one of many, that Allah has shown this good fortune, however I am very thankful and grateful. My special relationship with Imam W D Mohammed continued to foster the growth of the seed that his father had dropped in my mind related to business and money. “Money goes where it is invited and it stays where it is welcome”.


Today, in terms of business next to the service of my client base is the distribution of the finest life enhancing herbal nutrition to retailers here in the United States and throughout the globe. Genesis Health & Nutrition Center through its wholesale division of the business will give 20% off the manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP) to distributors. We are open for distribution now. With these products as a part of your product line you will have in your hands effective herbal enzymatic nutrition that will help you, your friends, clients and customers maintain, regain or build better health. Beautiful packaging, excellent quality products priced for the market, also an opportunity for your financial independence and freedom. The timing is ripe and it supports our business. Come let’s work together and I will share with you, what knowledge I have of health and you with me the value you have as we amass wealth together now, for ourselves and the generations to come. “You can work for a company and earn a living or you can help build one and earn a fortune”.

“Our definite chief aim is to have fun and pleasure providing holistic health education life enhancing herbal nutrition and real opportunity for financial independence to the global public through specialized training and affiliate marketing strategies”.

You who have an interest in improving your life and helping with the health of the public please contact me now and take advantage of this rich business opportunity. Call (336) 852- 3040 – genesishealthcenter@gmail.com  www.drnuriddin.com

Life, Love, and Beauty

Abdel Jaleel Nuriddin ND

Use Genesis’s phenomenal enzyme nutrition

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