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Enzymes are the power that causes every chemical reaction to take place in your body. There can be no metabolic (life) activity going on in the human body without enzymes. This means digestion, elimination, assimilation, absorption and every activity that’s necessary in order for the human body to have good health, depends on enzymes. Enzymes cause chemical reactions to take place in the biology of the human body leading to balance.

Co-enzymes (vitamins and minerals) need enzymes in order for them to function and provide the nutrients that’s necessary for the optimal health of the human body. Our bodies cannot perform adequately without enzymes. We do ourselves a disservice  when we don’t use enzymes with our meals.

This is the reason why Genesis Health and Nutrition Center took enzymes as its primary factor in its product line, to help people with their health. All our products have enzymes, because we know whether it’s herbal botanicals, proteins, carbohydrates, sugar or fats, they all require enzymes in order for the body to use them properly to work against indigestion, acid reflux, fatigue, pain, hypertension, and diabetes.

First and foremost, use my Gut Wellness Program Kit today, and start your journey to optimal health.

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