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The body is responsible for healing itself, but it can only do so if it’s allowed to do so. Unfortunately, modern life and our modern diets often get in the way, burdening our bodies with toxins and stress. These toxins block the optimal flow of nutrients and nerve signaling from one part of the body to another, resulting in reduced organ function.

One solution is organ detoxification. With the use of certain herbs and supplements, the body’s organs can be cleansed, and toxins removed. By doing so, whole-body health, as well as organ function, is supported.

Here, we’ve laid out the preferred pattern of annual organ cleansing, developed over the centuries by eastern medical practitioners. By detoxifying the organs at certain times of the year, you can support those organs during times when they are most likely to be stressed.


Detoxification Starts in the Digestive System

All detoxification starts in the digestive system. The intestinal tract is connected to every other organ in the body via the nervous system. There’s a reason why the “gut brain,” the enteric nervous system in other words, is housed in the GI system.

Because the GI system is the entry point to the rest of the body, it’s essential that detoxification starts there. By cleansing the intestines first, you’ll be able to deliver organ-supporting nutrients to the body’s other vital organs.

This starts with enzyme blends that support more complete, more efficient digestion. Enzyme blends like proteases, lipases and amylases, for instance, increase digestive activity with certain types of foods and ensure they are thoroughly processed for better absorption and elimination.

Autumn: Detox the Respiratory System to Prevent Infection

During the fall, respiratory infection runs rampant. This is partially due to the increased presence of mucus, which can be exacerbated by catarrh. Catarrh is the buildup of mucus that results from mucus membrane inflammation. In some people, catarrh is acute and resolves on its own quickly. In other people, it’s a chronic condition that can last for years before the underlying issue – frequently allergic – is identified.

Catarrh can also be a sign that there are excessive toxins building up in the body, as the body utilizes mucus to prevent various contaminants and toxins from entering the blood. This is a problem if you’re exposed to a pathogen like the cold virus, though, because excessive mucus and toxins give pathogens the right conditions for infection.

By detoxifying the respiratory system (lungs, throat, bronchial tubes, etc.), you’re making it harder for pathogens to use it as a potential disease vector.

Thankfully, there are herbal supplements available that can help with detoxification.

Winter: Detox the Kidneys to Prevent Kidney Failure

Chronic renal disease and failure are on the rise. Between 1990 and 2017, the mortality rate of chronic kidney disease increased by 40 percent, so it’s causing more deaths worldwide now than it did decades ago. This increase in mortality has affected western nations the most, suggesting lifestyle and dietary factors are in play.

Many of these deaths appeared to have been preventable if the underlying kidney disease had been detected and treated during its early stages. It is during late-stage kidney disease that the patient requires artificial dialysis to maintain kidney function. When artificial dialysis is required, it can place major restrictions on the patient’s life, as dialysis requires about 10 hours of clinic time every week.

When the kidneys are not functioning optimally, waste products can build up and interfere with their ability to continue filtering the blood. Regular kidney cleansing can mitigate this problem and can be done with various supplements or herbal therapies.

Spring: Detox the Liver to Improve Nutrient Absorption and Waste Removal

The liver is the body’s largest internal organ and, like the kidneys, is responsible for keeping the blood clean. Unlike the kidneys, the liver is also part of hundreds of bodily functions, including metabolic functions.

There is a great deal of blood flow between the liver and other organs, including the gallbladder and intestines. This complex cardiovascular highway is responsible for delivering needed digestive juices to the intestines and nutrients to the rest of the body. If waste and poorly digested materials interfere with this process, it can starve the body’s cells of needed sustenance. This can cause a cascade of effects, including poor energy levels, imbalanced hormones, and susceptibility to other diseases.

Detoxifying the liver and gallbladder can prevent this from happening, and annual detoxification is recommended given the amount of stress the liver is placed under.

Summer: Detox the Arterial System for Better Cardiovascular Health

According to traditional medical practices, the beginning of the summer is the optimal time for detoxifying the heart, arteries, and other cardiovascular organs. This is preferred by practitioners because the summer’s heat places additional strain on the cardiovascular system. By removing toxins from the heart and arteries, you’re giving those organs the optimal environment for performing reliably and safely.

Like with other detoxification processes, detoxing the arterial system is done with a combination of supplementation and botanicals.

An Annual Organ Cleansing Plan Can Keep Your Health on Schedule

Annual organ cleansing has helped people maintain ideal organ function for centuries. By detoxing the respiratory organs in the fall, the kidneys in the winter, the liver in the spring and the cardiovascular system in the summer, you’re maintaining a balanced, whole-body system of health that can help protect against disease and many chronic conditions.

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