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Carbo-Digest can help your gut digest grains more efficiently and comfortably

Carbo-Digest is an enzyme, probiotic and herb-based supplement that can support your body’s ability to handle complex carbohydrates and wheat proteins like gluten.

For those seeking a gluten-free or low-carb lifestyle, completely avoiding carbohydrates and wheat protein is close to impossible. Gluten is frequently used as a food additive due to its stabilizing properties, and so it can be found in a ton of products you wouldn’t expect it in. Ice cream, salad dressing, ketchup – just a few foods you’d be surprised to find gluten in.

Carbo-Digest can protect you from those gut-upsetting surprises and help restore microflora balance.


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What ingredients are in Carbo-Digest?

Our Carbo-Digest formula includes a wide variety of enzymes and herbs, along with a probiotic species that has proven benefits for the gut. Specifically, this is what you’ll get in every dose of Carbo-Digest:


Carbo-Digest includes more than a dozen enzymes, and together these enzymes work to break down nutrients that could cause issues in the gut.

Phytase is one such enzyme and is used by the body to process phytic acid, which is a naturally occurring substance in many foods. This can help with proper digestion and improve nutrient uptake, as phytic acid binds to essential nutrients like iron and zinc.


Amylase specializes in processing complex carbohydrates like starches and can reduce them to simple sugars for easier digestion. Amylase is present throughout the gastrointestinal (GI) tract, including the saliva. Its presence in saliva means your body begins digestion as soon as the carbs hit your tongue.


Some lipids have a carbohydrate bonded to their structure for better cell integrity and cell signaling. This carbohydrate has to be removed separately from the lipid for optimal digestion, though, and this is what alpha-galactosidase does. It cleaves the carb from the fat and ensures it is processed.


Glucoamylase enzymes are also important in digesting complex carbohydrates. Their role is to cleave off glucose molecules off the end of polysaccharide chains, so they are similar to amylase in function. Unlike amylase, though, glucoamylase targets the end of polysaccharide chains instead of the middle.


Diastase also factors into the complex carb digestion process. It breaks down complex carbs into maltose, which can be broken down further by other enzymes into glucose molecules. As glucose is the body’s quick and easy source of energy, diastase enzymes have a big impact on energy availability.


While some of the enzymes in Carbo-Digest can be produced by the human body to some degree, pectinase can only be produced by plants, fungi, insects and some bacteria. It is effective at processing the polysaccharide pectin, which is a primary component of plant cell walls. When supplemented, it can be used to help the gut break down plant material.


Lipase is produced by the pancreas and is used to break down fats for intestinal absorption. The enzyme has been the subject of research regarding celiac disease and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), and there is belief that lipase can help with both. One study showed that people with celiac disease may be able to gain a little weight with lipase, while other studies have demonstrated effectiveness in treating the bloating, gas and pain associated with IBS.


Lactase is responsible for breaking down lactose, or milk sugars. Lactose intolerance is one of the leading causes of GI distress and usually happens when the body reduces its own production of lactase. This happens naturally in some populations, but supplementing with lactase can help offset the gas and pain associated with too much lactose and too little lactase.


Cellulose, like pectin, is a major component of plant structure and one of the toughest polysaccharides to digest. The animals that can digest cellulose to an extent are able to do so because of symbiotic bacteria in their gut.

Cellulase helps break down cellulose into simple sugars that are easier to uptake. It can also help process some polysaccharides related to cellulose.


Hemicellulase is also capable of processing the tough carbohydrates found in plant cell walls. It is particularly prevalent in high-fiber breakfast cereals, and we need hemicellulase to process them into usable simple sugars. Carbo-Digest delivers this hemicellulase in every dose.


Invertase is yet another enzyme capable of taking more complex saccharides and breaking them down into simple sugars for our bodies to use. In the case of invertase, the enzyme can convert sucrose, or table sugar, into both glucose and fructose for digestion.


Gluten intolerance is frequently driven by peptide bonds found in grains. Some of these bonds are particularly tough to cleave, but protease is a protein-processing enzyme that’s capable of doing just that.

An herb blend that includes fennel, ginger, flaxseed, peppermint and artichoke

Every dose of Carbo-Digest also includes a mix of herbs that also promote proper digestion and gut function. Fennel, ginger, flaxseed, peppermint and artichoke are all proven to possess at least some efficacy against gut-related disorders like IBS. Together, they can be used to soothe an irritated gut.

Bifidobacterium infantis

Bifidobacterium infantis is a probiotic that’s also native to the oral cavity and gut. It’s one of many millions of good guy bacteria in your GI system that help regulate digestion, nutrition uptake and protection against infection. B. infantis has been studied for its efficacy in gut-related disorders and researchers have found that it can help treat some of the symptoms of IBS, along with the inflammation associated with ulcerative colitis and chronic fatigue syndrome.

Are there any allergens in Carbo-Digest?

Carbo-Digest was made to support a healthier gut, not irritate it with allergens or other problematic substances. You won’t find any dairy products, lactose, peanuts, soy, sugar or wheat in Carbo-Digest, and every dose is vegetarian-friendly.

Support a gluten-free diet with Carbo-Digest

If your health depends on minimizing the impact of gluten and complex carbohydrates, then Carbo-Digest can be an easy, safe addition to your regiment. Each dose contains an array of carb-busting and gut-supporting ingredients.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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