Body Chemistry Support System – Basic Kit


The Body Chemistry Support System (BCSS) addresses three important truths:

(1) It’s in our best interest to normalize body chemistry.
(2) Our bodies possess cellular programming for the normalization of body chemistry.
(3) We offer a cohesive system that allows us to “partner up” with this intelligence and achieve dramatic results.

To normalize the chemistry of the body is to balance the pH of the bodily fluids, the bacteria of the intestinal tract, the metabolic rate of oxidation, and the overall balance of minerals. In other words, we want to achieve a homeostatic balance of the body’s chemistry. Why this needs to take place isn’t much of a mystery.

Here are some cold hard facts about what is taking place in “normal,” healthy bodies today:

  • The colon has at least one stricture causing a recycling of toxic waste into the lymphatic and circulatory systems.
  • Because of exposure to chlorinated water and antibiotics, the intestinal flora is imbalanced, causing the production of additional toxins that poison the lymph and blood.
  • The colon has a thick, black, rubbery mucus lining developed to protect the lymph and blood from the contents of the colon.
  • A condition called scurvy is well established, it causes lesions in the arteries and a relatively heavy build up of arterial plaque, establishing the first stage of circulatory disorders and heart disease.
  • The blood stream is loaded with fungus and unusable food waste.
  • The gallbladder is overloaded, even stretched beyond its full size with balls of cholesterol.

The Body Chemistry Support System Basic Kit has all you need to put your body chemistry on the right track. The kit consists of Primagest, Baltone Trio and 4 Detox spas.


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