BioFilm 6 Day Cleanse


It is in everyone’s best interest that colon cleansing has become so popular. The value of colon cleansing and detoxification came strongly into the public eye in the late 80’s. Many years before research revealed the connection between degenerative disease and the health of the colon. Parallels were also observed between the condition of a person’s colon and the aging factor of their body. It has been repeatedly witnessed that when a person detoxifies their internal environment by effectively cleansing their colon, most of their symptoms are eliminated.

In an attempt to effectively rebuild and cleanse the colon while reversing the effects of problems, such as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, there is another very important factor to consider, which is the tension in the lower back that can occur with a toxic colon.

In addition to the colonics and enemas that assist in cleaning the colon, we also need to stretch and tone the spine and the muscles surrounding it to clear the congestion that restricts the nerve flow to the colon. If the flow of nerve energy between the spine and colon is restricted, the function of the colon will be impaired. A weakness in any organ will interfere with the function and self-cleansing process. By doing the stretching and toning exercises found in the “Exercise” chapter (see page 99), the tissue of the lower back will be toned, while circulation and nerve flow are enhanced.

Now that we’ve addressed the needs for washing out the colon and opening the nerve flow to restore integrity to the colon tissue, we come to the most important work of all… rebuilding the colon. X-rays show the average adult colon to be a very distorted muscular sleeve which, when it loses its tone, becomes an incubator for unfriendly bacteria. This is why the colon is recognized as the source of toxic substances that migrate throughout the body and become the major cause of degenerative disease.

For the colon to be capable of releasing the wastes that have accumulated over the years, the tone of the muscular sleeve that makes up the body of the colon must be restored. There is only one way to exercise this muscle and to restore the lost muscular tone to the wall of the colon. One must stimulate the movement of fiber through the colon three times a day, until it is rebuilt and restored to its original condition and form.

The BioFilm Cleanse Kit  contains: Baltone, Nutri Dophilus, Ozonated Magnesium, Mastic Gum all in one Fiber Drink. 54 capsules of Exclzyme, 2 Pound of Erythritol/ Xylitol mixture, and 3 Detox Spas.