Triad Minority and Women’s Business Expo

I will be participating in the Triad Minority and Women’s Expo; I will have a table there with the very best natural health information, books and supplements. Please visit and stop by my table to introduce yourself, reconnect or to learn more about how a naturopath can help better your health. Mark your calendars, at this upcoming Triad Minority and Women’s Business Expo August 24th and 25th approximately 100 business owners and entrepreneurs from Winston-Salem, Greensboro and High Point will be attending a weekend of … Read more


Taking care of the nerves has to be one of the most important things humans can do to have better health. The nerves are the beginning of your life and the end of your life. They are the first things that feed in the growing organism, and the last things that feed in the dying organism. No one can be in their best health without periodically getting away from the regular routine to let the nerves rest. We should have hobbies or pastimes that let … Read more


We all love to see the new life come into existence with its seemly-unlimited energy. The flexibility of the new life makes those that are stiff because of innocent poor choices in consumption and the progression of age wish that they had that vitality and youth once again. Science has come to know, that vitality can be preserved to a certain degree, if the human body is consciously taken care of by the person in side. Some how through improper education the masses have come … Read more


For the entire life span of most adults in America, they have heard there isn’t any cure for arthritis. This has been accepted by most people, especially those who have for years been fighting this painful disease with drugs without success. From sulfa drugs, aspirin, gold injections, and cortisone, ACTH—all have proven to be failures in terms of permanent relief. Because most Americans haven’t been introduced to alternatives in lifestyle as a cure to this disorder, they follow the masses that have gone before them … Read more


The world of particles or matter has the spirit or energy of the absolute and eternal lord running through it and this is what gives it its life. Whether it is the mineral life which is inanimate or the plant life with its restricted volitional movement or the animal and human life with their emotion and intelligence, it all comes from the same substance that has a common origin. While this common substance that all matter comes from has the constituents of water or H-H-O … Read more